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一想到策划婚礼,人们就会联想到各种服装, 华服, 环, 花, 以及两者之间的一切. 在展示组这里,龙8游戏安卓端想要帮助的一个图像是你的婚礼设计. Our in-house expert designers thought about the trends we’ll see down the aisle and at the party in 2020.

现在, 龙8游戏安卓端想提前警告你, our designers Jamie Pecina and Arghavan Ebrahami were somewhat split on the design trends for 2020.


说到颜色, a new year and a new decade means new opportunities to lean into color beyond the pastels and jewel tones that are typically found at weddings.

“Keep an eye on the。 潘通年度流行色这将真正决定未来的趋势。. “无论如何,我认为龙8游戏安卓端将开始看到更多带有中世纪氛围的mod色调.”

Easing into neutrals and color-blocking seems to be a trend that both designers agree on.

“We see more couples starting to use a bohemian design which is easier to execute for DIY celebrations. 我想龙8游戏安卓端会看到更多的中性色和土色调 绿色植物.”

在一个从中立的急剧左, Jamie sees another bright trend being incorporated more into weddings and celebrations.

“我认为 this will be a big year for neon – whether it be signs or accents throughout the space. I’d love to see couples go for more brighter and bolder colors to really saturate the space.”

When it comes to all aspects of color for your wedding – don’t be afraid to step outside tradition! 尤其是当你的船员站在你身边时. More brides are breaking from the tradition of having all bridesmaids wearing the same colors and instead wearing coordinated colors.


很多场馆都有自己的décor, 一些历史场馆甚至不需要在墙上装饰太多. 显示集团, we want you to know there are many options to choose from beyond 花 and chargers. 这两位设计师都同意,在摆饰方面,“少即是多”.

“绿色植物和白色烛台绝对不会错. Using eucalyptus or olive branches running through the center of the table can still be really luxurious while also being minimal and sustainable. You can even preserve the branches afterwards and repurpose them for the holidays,” says Jamie.

并保持婚礼可持续发展的主题, 您可以将项目重新指定为décor, 比如玻璃瓶或木片,”Arghavan说.

While the center of the table might be more minimal, other aspects can be more above and beyond. It sounds crazy, but more couples are incorporating personal branding into their celebration. 对于一些, it can be as in-depth as creating your own wedding logo or it can be as simple as finding a captivating font for your initials. 别担心,龙8游戏安卓端的 设计团队 can assist with creating logos or emblems that can be used in custom printing for paper goods, 背景或者甚至是用来照明的gobos.

“我认为 音频和视频 应该在婚礼上明智地使用吗. 照明 can really become a décor element as well as being used to provide cues to dictate the flow of the event. 例如, you can keep it ambient during the cocktail hour and then dim the lights to guide people to their seats. 当新婚夫妇进入时,你可以搭配不同的颜色让派对开始. I’ve even seen venues turn the house lights off and use up-lighting throughout the space during dancing to completely transform the vibe,”杰米建议.


“你可以从上面悬挂物品, use chicken wire and Edison bulbs with 花 to focus on having less on the table and more in the space,“杰米表明.


从地板到天花板,还有中间的一切, there are multiple items in our inventory that can become focal points throughout the space for guests to take photos and give them a chic place to lounge. 龙8游戏安卓端的Candy, Julep,或者Colin 沙发 are lush, comfortable, and provide extra seating for your guests beyond the dinner setting.

Lounge area with a leather couch with two throw pillows and two ornate gold shelving units in the background

即使你的整体主题更加柔和, 你仍然可以创造出贯穿整个场地的互动空间. 很多照片都是在婚礼上拍的, 从摄影师到客人, and there are easy ways for you to give guests a fun and photogenic moment at your celebration. 龙8游戏安卓端的香槟墙或互动饮料墙将是完美的!

婚礼的另一个上升趋势? 使用不同的表!

Jamie: “Couples are using less rounds and more long tables to encourage more communal dining. 当空间以这种方式设置时,它会更具包容性.”

Overhead view of a wedding reception with the bride and groom dancing below string lights spanning across the ballroom

Jamie: “Depending on the size of your wedding, the smaller your 舞池 – the fuller it looks. 人们更有可能站起来跳舞. 有一个小 舞池 能让你的舞蹈感觉更亲密吗. 我想客人们也不会抱怨的. 如果人们想跳舞,他们不需要一个大舞池!”


Our designers lit up with unique ideas for couples this year, here are our favorites listed below!

阿尔加万:“当人们计划他们的婚礼, 有一件事似乎总是会出现,那就是他们想要多独特. 和真正的, you can take that creative touch and add it to the smaller details of your wedding to set your celebration apart from others.”

We’ve mentioned before our commitment to sustainability and its importance for events. It does seem that sustainable weddings and green weddings will continue to be a trend in 2020. 因为情侣们会回收更多的物品,选择玻璃器皿而不是塑料器皿, 这对情侣和整个地球都有好处.

杰米:“我见过客户使用可食用的餐桌装饰. 而不是买一个大蛋糕,然后付钱切蛋糕, couples will have small cakes or desserts in the center of the table so guests can help themselves to desserts as soon as they’re done eating dinner.”

Arghavan:“或! 你可以带一个甜甜圈墙或香槟墙在龙8游戏安卓端的库存.”


In terms of being unique for a wedding, one term that both designers agreed on is being CREATIVE.

Arghavan: “There are places and items in a wedding that can have a real creative and unique touch to them. 礼品表, 纪念表, the favors – if you really pay attention to those details and give them a creative touch you can create an activation station for your guests before they even begin the reception.”

Jamie: “I’ve started to see people fold in other cultures in the reception or ceremony to make it more diverse. 你可以把个人文化与西方传统结合起来.”

龙8游戏安卓端都参加过不少婚礼, and most of us with nosy relatives are all too aware of the judgment that can come with planning a wedding. 龙8游戏安卓端的设计师还有最后一条建议.

杰米:“说到婚礼, 诚实, just remember to keep it very personal and focus on the things that are important to you. When I got married, I wanted a great photographer, great food, and I wanted WOW moments in the space. 在一天结束的时候, it is about YOU and your significant other and you both get to pick and choose where you are spending your money.”

阿尔加万:“不管你怎么做, 不管你是自己计划一切还是雇一个计划员, 享受这个过程. 不要为别人不知道的小事而感到压力. 你的客人不知道计划和执行的区别, 这样他们就会和你一样喜欢.”

龙8游戏安卓端知道,在计划你的大日子时,你有很多选择. 龙8游戏安卓端希望您能考虑Display Group作为供应商合作伙伴,并在今天龙8游戏安卓端!

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